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The concept of AlphaStudio Design Group started far earlier than the March 2007 opening. It started with a conversation between the future principals, Paul Gallegos and Josh Eckle. The conversation centered around how to provide quality architectural services that satisfy the client’s requirements, but also goes beyond the pragmatic and creates unique, engaging architecture. The formula was one of collaboration, bringing the client to the table early and often, relying on their input to drive the programming and design of the project. What once started out as a conversation has morphed into a philosophy,that is the driving forces behind our projects and our client interactions.
To guide the ideals of the office, Paul and Josh embrace an internal collaboration on all projects. Viewing this as more than a peer review or a series of charrettes, the two principals are actively involved in each project that is designed, developed, and constructed at AlphaStudio Design Group. This unique, personal approach, ensures that a steady knowledge base for each project is carried through from start to finish. The practice of internal collaboration creates a strong project team, one that understands the expectations of each participant and is willing and able to provide superior service through the duration of the project.
Understanding that design is not an isolated activity, AlphaStudio Design Group looks to our past projects to gain perspective as we move forward towards the future. Using our experience we are confident in our ability to successfully complete any project. With our determination we are equally confident in our ability to create a responsive project regardless of the obstacles presented. As a collaborative studio we excel in providing clients projects that has the ability to exceed expectations.
AlphaStudio Design Group is a full service architectural firm specializing in custom residential, educational, and commercial projects. Our philosophy is centered on a collaborative approach to project implementation. By becoming engaged listeners, we are able to deliver high quality projects that not only meet the pragmatic requirements, but also go beyond and provide the artistic necessity that can create truly memorable spaces.
Using a variety of methods to convey our idea, we feel the most basic of architectural tools is the pen and paper. Quite often during a design meeting it is not uncommon for either Paul or Josh to produce quick sketch design concepts as a response to the direction of a conversation. These sketches serve to be extremely useful in rapid development of a concept. Traditionally we also utilize CAD software and 3-D modeling as a means to illustrate the design as well as prepare the construction documents for review, bidding, and construction. Our technical competence and attention to detail translates to documents that contain the necessary information, but are also extremely well organized and easy to read. AlphaStudio Design Group also requires that our consultants produce drawings to the same level of quality, thus giving the clients a final package of drawings that are easily biddable.